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Introduction to the Sea Commander

Construction Work

Ocean Resource Limited offers for sale a range of Power Buoy Systems known as Sea Commander Power Buoy which may be configured for different applications.

The Power Buoy System is a taut moored facility, consisting of a floating buoyant structure moored by multiple tethers to a gravity base on the seabed.

The Power Buoy System provides power to, and allows control of, subsea wells from an autonomous, unmanned facility located close to the subsea well location. As such, the Power Buoy System:

  • Overcomes the problem of shortage of power and space on existing platforms; and
  • Avoids the need to run expensive umbilicals to subsea wells over long distances from host platforms.

In comparison to its alternatives, the Power Buoy System can reduce capital costs - and also ongoing operating costs - associated with oil and gas exploration projects. As such, it can render hitherto uneconomic developments commercially attractive. It can be used for early production, deep-water step out or standalone production scenarios.

Technical Overview

The following is an example of a one of our Sea Commander Buoy Systems configured to supply power to a marginal oil field.

The floating buoyant structure is 57.0 metres in height, weighs 650 tonnes (dry), and has a hull diameter of 10.0 metres. The gravity base weighs 2,800 tonnes.

Up to 4.1 megawatts of power can be generated through its six diesel generators (using one generator as a stand-by), for transmission via a subsea riser and seabed umbilical to up to 8 electrical submersible pumps ("ESPs"). This power could also be supplied for other purposes.

Control of the ESPs is achieved through eight on-board variable speed units. A ninth 'back-up' variable speed unit is included. The Power Buoy System also includes monitoring, data acquisition, and data transfer equipment. Should VSDs not be required, they can be removed thus providing additional room for other equipment.

The Power Buoy System can be controlled and monitored from a remote host platform or a land-based station through UHF, VHF and satellite communications. The Power Buoy System, and all of its permanent equipment, have a design life of 25 years.

Although the Power Buoy System is unique, it brings together conventional oil and gas technology. Furthermore, 'smart buoy technology' has been successfully used for a number of years in offshore Australia, South Africa and Equatorial Guinea.

Further details of the Power Buoy System is provided within the Technical Description section of this website.

The Floating Buoyant Structure

The floating buoyant structure is 57.0 metres in height, weighs 650 tonnes (dry), and has a hull diameter of 10.0 metres.

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Enquiries and Further Information

Further information on the Power Buoy System will be made available to interested parties on request, following the signing of a confidentiality agreement. For further information, interested parties are invited to contact either David Bone or Lewis Lack, of Ocean Resource Ltd, contact details for whom are provided below:

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