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The sole purpose of this website is to assist the reader in deciding whether it wishes to proceed with a further investigation of the Power Buoy System for use in an offshore application.

The information contained in this website ("the Information") is provided as a guide only. The Information has been collated from information supplied by management of Ocean Resource Limited ("the Company"). No representation or warranty, express or implied, is given by the Company or any of their respective directors, partners, officers, affiliates, employees, advisers or agents (and any warranty expressed or implied by statute is hereby expressly excluded) as to the accuracy or completeness of the Information, or any other document or information supplied, or which may be supplied at any time or any opinions or projections expressed herein or therein, nor is any such party under any obligation to update the Information or correct any inaccuracies or omissions in it which may exist or become apparent. Interested parties are advised to make their own enquiries before proceeding to purchase a Power Buoy System.

For reasons of commercial sensitivity, information on certain matters has not been included in this website. Such information may be made available at a later stage.

No responsibility or liability is accepted for any loss or damage howsoever arising that you may suffer as a result of this Information and any and all responsibility and liability is expressly disclaimed by the Company, or any of their respective directors, partners, officers, affiliates, employees, advisers or agents. This information is being made available to interested parties on the strict understanding that it is provided on a confidential basis and is supplied only to allow interested parties to gain a better understanding of the Power Buoy System. It is not to be used for any other purpose and should not be divulged to any other party. It will be assumed that the reader agrees to these terms unless he notifies the Company that he does not wish to be bound by these terms and returns the documents immediately.

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Copyright statement

All intellectual property rights pertaining to the Sea Commander or Sea Producer range of Autonomous Buoys are vested solely with David Bone or entities controlled by him. Any information passed to any third party relating to these buoys and to the Power Buoy System illustrated in this website in particular is confidential and subject to copyright, patent and/or registered design and may not be used for any purpose except with the prior written permission of David Bone.

The Company advises that some of the photographs displayed on this website are not of the Power Buoy System that is presently available for sale, but of similar Autonomous Buoys designed by David Bone, and accordingly are presented for illustrative purposes only.